Create rich user experiences for mobile, web and desktop.

Rich Component Library

HaxeUI features a complete component set, including native counterparts, covering a wide range of uses and applications as well as allowing for the easy creation and registration of new custom components.

See the component list

Easy Theming

Changing the look of any HaxeUI application is trivial. HaxeUI uses a CSS type language to control every visible aspect of a component, enabling designers and developers to work independently.

See the CSS examples

XML Definition

HaxeUI allows you to optionally build user interfaces using a simple yet powerful XML markup language, making it extremely fast to build compelling user experiences without writing any code.

See the XML examples

Cross-platform native compilation

Cross compile your applications to a wide range of platforms and to native code (via the Haxe Toolkit) resulting in native performance on a variety of platforms.

Cross-framework support

HaxeUI seamlessly integrates with a number different frameworks at the same time and allowing to switch between these frameworks effectively stopping framework lock-in.

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