Installing HaxeUI

Haxe comes with package manager named HaxeLib, this is the simplest method to install HaxeUI and can be achieved by opening a terminal and using the command:

haxelib install haxeui-core

And thats it! You now have the core library of HaxeUI installed, however, haxeui-core by itself will do little - it needs to be coupled with a backend in order to be used.

HaxeUI Command Line Tools

HaxeUI comes with an optional command line too that can make project creation that little bit simpler. It takes the form of a haxelib run command, and can be used in the following manner:

haxelib run haxeui-core {command} {options}

For example, to create a blank html5 project using haxeui-html5, simply create an empty directory, open a command prompt in that directory and use:

haxelib run haxeui-core create html5

To get help with the command line tool use

haxelib run haxeui-core help

You can also set up an alias for "haxelib run haxeui-core" to make commands even shorter, once that is done you can simply use things like "haxeui help" or "haxeui create html5"

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